A duo of best friends were reunited when SRS director, Mark Richardson decided to go above and beyond to help out two women who have been friends since they were young. Susan and Grace have a unique bond that has lasted for most of their lifetime. They met at the age of eleven when they both attended a school for the blind in Edinburgh and now live approximately two hours away from each other but talk on the phone every day.

Mark went to meet Susan for the first time when he covered a support worker shift and Susan soon discovered he was originally from the Scottish Borders- The same area as Grace. Susan explained how she used to visit Grace as well as her husband, Lloyd in Edinburgh and how they both had a close relationship with each other’s family but nowadays they rarely got the opportunity to meet up and it had been 18 years since they last met. ”

“It was a lovely surprise when Mark offered to take me to meet my friend Grace. We had a cup of tea together after 18 years apart.”

After a quick shopping trip and multiple cups of tea and cake; Mark asked Susan if she would like him to take her to visit her friend on his next visit. Susan was thrilled and began plans with Grace immediately. The two of them were so excited to be reunited after so long. Susan described the experience as “a real treat” and something herself and Grace are very appreciative for.

Susan notes how Mark made her feel very comfortable, talking her through the different towns they were passing through and discussing the excitement of the day ahead. Susan’s other carers also took a keen interest in the excursion and often asked Susan about Grace and the trip. Susan commented “I’ve been so lucky to receive the care I have. The company (SRS) has been so good to me.”