Palliative care is there to support an individual throughout their last week’s/month’s/years of life. The individual’s personal wishes and preferences should be taken into consideration when creating the care plan to ensure they die with dignity and their needs are met. Palliative care is in place in order to improve upon quality of life, making the care experience as comfortable as possible. It should provide relief from pain as well as integrate the spiritual and physical aspects of patient care from fully-trained care staff.

(Palliative care can be carried out at home, in a care home or in any setting deemed appropriate for your illness.)

So, what is covered in ‘palliative care’?

  • End of life care for those with an incurable illness/frail to make them as comfortable as possible.

  • Those who have a life-threatening condition

  • Holistic care and support for you, your family members and carers

  • Care throughout other therapies/treatments

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