Revolutionising the homecare Industry

Why work for SRS Care Solutions?

We are a family-run business with decades of shared experience within the care sector. We understand how difficult a career in care can be and equally how difficult it can be selecting care for a loved one. This is why we have introduced various measures to create a welcoming, fun, and supportive community of staff and clients alike.

SRS Care prides itself on being revolutionary within the homecare industry. We do this by creating innovative and personal solutions to suit any home care need. This can be achieved by not only supporting our clients and staff but also their family members. Revolutionising our community by normalising mental health has been a huge success and allowed countless staff to stay happily in work. 

Revolutionising Principles – Mental Health Champion

SRS Care are award-winning for our work within mental health. We care deeply for the emotional and physical well-being of our staff which is why we have a mental health team, lead by team leader and company MH first aider, Sandy. Sandy’s program over the past year has seen great success. Having faced mental health issues in the past he realises that the impact of mental health can also affect those who we live with which is why he extends this aid to family members. This has been especially important throughout the Covid-19 pandemic as there has been a rise of almost double in demand for the services Sandy and his team deliver.

Most recently, Sandy won the ‘emerging talent’ award at the Scottish Care, Care at Home awards and we are so proud of his efforts. He is a phenomenal asset to the team and uses his own experiences to encourage others. 

Some of the greatest outcomes and benefits have been: keeping people at work through difficult times and creating a trusted and positive place to work, inevitably reducing company turnover and sickness absence. Through Sandy’s support, more than eight people have remained within their role during periods where they have experienced issues within mental health. This support is always confidential with multiple avenues signposting you to Sandy.

We all, in general, spend a great deal of our time at work so it’s important to us that we generate a positive working environment. 

Revolutionising Care – Mental Health Clients

Sandy and his team also have their own group of service users who they work with daily. These clients may have extreme cases of mental health and need additional support. Creating achievable goals to rehabilitate their place in society, making new friends, and supporting them to be as independent as possible are a couple of things Sandy’s team delivers on depending on the individual’s support plan.

Mental health can often be forgotten about and we take pride in being pioneers in this sector. We openly encourage/support our staff through various continuous learning programs such as becoming a Mental Health Champion. This allows a better understanding of conditions relating to mental health to sensitively support and nourish any individual.

Staff matching tool

We also have a specialised staff matching tool in place. We believe in giving our service users total control over their support plan and this includes giving us an indication of who they would like caring for them. This benefit’s both the client and the staff member as we match based on personality and like-mindedness wherever possible. It makes a real difference to the individual who is being cared for to have this level of companionship and compassion within the care they are receiving. Especially throughout the pandemic where many service users may not have the opportunity to see anyone else other than their carer within that day. Having mutual respect for one another, some friendly banter, and varied topics to talk about can help improve the morale and reduce stress within clients.


As a modern, family-run care company we put people at the heart of all that we do. A significant part of the revolutionary principles and ideas that we have set out are focused on ensuring our people are happy both in their roles and through the care they receive. We hope to expand on the current mental/physical well-being services which have proven to be very successful and continue on our path, revolutionising homecare.  


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