Homecare Day

Homecare day, organised by Scottish care and the United Kingdom Homecare Association (UKHCA) is this year being held on Wednesday 9th December. The aim of this day is to recognise the exceptional work of the homecare sector. The central theme this year focusses on care as a community. This celebrates homecare as an integral and essential part of the health and social care community and the phenomenal person-centred care provided by homecare staff every single day.


To SRS, the theme of community is something we have all demonstrated, especially throughout this difficult year. Homecare is a unique environment; going in and out of service user homes allowing them to remain independently living there and following their preferred routines.

This year, much like many other businesses, we had to quickly regroup to maintain the safety of both our staff and service users. This could not have been done without our community. Our community of carers, team leaders, managers, directors, service users, local people, supermarkets, pharmacies, suppliers and the list goes on. All contributing to our Care at Home community. Homecare can often seem very much like a 1-1 service. While the majority of the time this may be the case, it’s the whole community that contribute to the successful delivery.


Our carers had to adapt as guidance was reviewed daily. Adhering to the new changes, keeping our service users safe and informed and carrying out their duties whilst also worrying themselves about catching, spreading or taking home the virus that has consumed our lives for the large part of a year now. With the majority of our service users being elderly and vulnerable, they may have often gone days, weeks or even months unable to see friends or family members with the only daily visitation being from their carers. As a result, you can see just how important the work we do is.

The services go beyond assisting service users in their daily routines, sharing kindness and companionship. However, the pandemic still brought significant pressures relating to mental health. SRS are keen to promote mental health and staff satisfaction in the workplace. We have been in the fortunate position that even previous to the pandemic we had our own in-house mental health support team. This allows staff and their family members to reach out for a confidential and friendly chat at any time of day. Therefore, when the pandemic came along and the demand for this support grew dramatically, we had the correct resources in place so that our team felt supported.

With thanks to our community

Every single person within our community has done their bit and it has at times been extremely difficult. We recognise every day the amazing job our frontline staff are doing and the resilience, bravery and perseverance behind this. As we welcome 2021, we hope to see an end to this virus as we transition into the ‘new normal’. We will have an everlasting appreciation for all of the people within this community. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

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