At SRS Care, we hold the belief that everyone should be in complete control of their life. This is where Self-directed support comes in. Self-directed support (SDS) enables people to select and customise the support provided to them by giving them as much control as they want regarding the individual budget attached to their care package.

At SRS Care, we work with you, your carers and your loved ones to customise a personalised support plan that meets your needs and goals. We believe in you being empowered to make informed choices about your support plan allowing you greater control of the way you live leading to healthier social, mental and physical well-being. At SRS Care, our support plans are tailored to meet the following criteria:

  • What is important to you

  • What are your specific, intended outcomes

  • How you will be supported

  • How you will use your individual budget

  • How will your support be managed

  • How will you stay in control


Your individual budget is an allocation of money which you can put towards customising and purchasing your care package. There are multiple ways to manage your money: 

  • Direct Payment: This is where you manage your money by yourself or with support if required. You have the option to have your money managed by a third party such as an agent or someone you have chose who will act on your behalf.

  • Individual Service Fund: This is where you have the option to select a service provider to control your money on your behalf and arrange services for you.

  • Local Authority: You also have the option to allocate the budget to your local authority who will manage it for you.

The values of self directed support closely mirror our own, namely; respect, fairness, freedom, safety and independence.

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